How to Install Antivirus For PC | Windows | Mac

Install Antivirus : Antivirus is important to keep your system safe and make it will protect your system from virus, malware, spyware and other threats.Antivirus tools are critical for users to have installed and get it updated because the computer without antivirus software will be infected with many virus within minutes of connecting to the Internet. So it is very much important to have installed a good antivirus software in your personal computer to protect it from being damaged. The antivirus software it is available for both free of cost and paid software.The antivirus software is very much important to download and install on your personal computer so that it will protect your system from time to time. They are a number of antivirus software available for free to download directly from the Internet. Here you can find some of the best antivirus software which will help you in making a Firewall protection against the virus.

Avira (Windows, Mac)

Avira is a solid performance and easy-to-use tools. This is one of the best antivirus software to get rid of the virus. Avira Antivirus software is considered to be one of the most recent tested from AV comparatives, and it has been proved 99.9 percentage protection against the virus. In this antivirus, you will find a very inclusive and you can create a number of scans that can run throughout the week.

Bitdefender (Windows)

Bitdefender is another antivirus app which has a protection of 99.9 %. It is a free version, and it will also keep your system safe from all Malware and Virus. Bitdefender has and anti-phishing and anti-fraud feature that will keep you more protected. It has a very simple interface, and the installation and scanning are quite simple.

Avast (Windows, Mac)

Avast antivirus is a secured being very light with floor protection rate than compared to that of others. It has 99.6 % protection, but still, it is very highly used antivirus software. When compared to that other antivirus software it has a relatively low resource usage, and it is unlikely to noticeable slow down your system.

AVG (Windows, Mac)

Another free antivirus which stays for long life is AVG which is better in both protection as well as system resource usage. AVG provides 99.6 percentage of protection against unwanted threats. This is an unnecessary thing like system cleanup and mobile antivirus which are still one of the best features in AVG.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free (Windows)

Lavasoft’s Pro version of Ad-Aware scored a 99.3% protection rate in recent tests, making it a solid contender. And this version tends to use more resources when compared to that of other antivirus software. But still, this is a great choice for windows uses which have an anti-adware and anti-spyware features in it.

Trend Micro HouseCall (Windows, Mac)

Trend Micro Housecall is another on-demand antivirus software app which is very quick to download. The software infected in your computer if it is a great way to check for virus and get rid of them very easily. The software 11 offer other free tools that may be interested which are like anti ransomware tool kit, browser guard, and root kit buster.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Windows, Mac)

Malwarebytes is a strong reputation for Excellency in providing protection against the virus. This has and antimalware app and will make you get rid of very small and light fastening speed for operating other functions. Is very easy to use and does most of the people would like to prefer this type of software for the virus.

Panda Free Anti-Virus (Windows)

Panda free antivirus is an upgraded to update version, and it also provides some of the advantages when compared to that of other antivirus software. This antivirus software has many different features from others. It provides protection, but it does not have phenomenal performance results

ZoneAlarm Free Anti-Virus (Windows)

This is quick with a full featured app which is available for free of cost. This is one of the good choices for Windows systems and can protect your computer from virus. It has an additional standard antivirus feature that will make a pack of basic Firewall protection against virus and threats.

How to Install Antivirus For PC Windows Mac

Steps to download and install Antivirus For PC

First, you need to download antivirus from the internet. You can find paid or free antivirus software and should get it downloaded into your PC. You will find how to install antivirus in PC, how to install antivirus in Windows 7 and others OS.After it is downloaded then you need to follow the steps given.

Step 1: Click the “Install Now” button – This should be located in the lower left-hand corner of the website. Clicking this button begins the process.

Step 2: Download the required files – After you click the “Install Now” button, the required files will automatically download to your computer. This may take a while.

Step 3: The Installation – When the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard window opens, click the “Next” button. The next step in the installer is the license agreement. Choose the radio button that says that you agree to the license terms, and then click the “Next” button. For the Mail Snap-In Selection, remove the check from the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook option, and then click the “Next” button . The default location for the Destination Folder Selection is correct, so click the “Next” button. Click the “Install” button. The installation may take a few minutes. The next step in the installer is the Technical Support information. Click the “Next” button The installation is complete. Click the “Finish” button.

Step 4: Restart – You may be asked to restart your machine when the process is complete. Do so if prompted. When your computer restarts, Norton AntiVirus will begin a system scan of your machine.

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