Antivirus For Android Download Free Best Antivirus App 2017

Download Antivirus For Android : Antivirus for the Mobile phone is very much important to protect your antivirus for mobile devices from there any unwanted threats and malware. To protect your mobile device, it is must and should to have the best antivirus software installed in your mobile. The antivirus for mobiles free download which is installed in the mobile device will run silently to protect you from the latest virus, malware, spyware, unsafe apps and settings, unwanted callers and other nasty threats.The antivirus software will also provide you with an anti-theft website from another device to lock and track your lost phone. And they are many interesting features that are available in mobile antivirus. It is must and should to have an antivirus in your mobile so that your device is not protected in safe these days.

Features of Antivirus

  • Scan device The feature of scanning is partitioned into different types in which you can find the quick scan, customs scan, schedule scan, security advisor and privacy advisor. The flexible feature that is offered for scanning of the mobile device.
  • Set privacy The set privacy feature will allow you to protect your privacy with the following functionalities. Like Call and message filter  , International call block , Message Exception List , Register With TRAI
  • Message center : This feature will allow you to display the important modifications that require the user’s attention. In this, you can find out the latest it security news and other alerts that will be displayed in the message center.
  • Activity : The feature activity is used in order to receive extensive reports on the active performance of the antivirus software that you have installed.
  • Call forwarding: The call forwarding will help you to sector number to which all your incoming calls will get forwarded. This is one of the main and a very interesting feature in antivirus software.
  • Background scan: The background scan feature will help you in the scanning of the mobile device very easily so that it can find any virus and malware threats. In this, you can find an automatic detect virus and spyware for real time.
  • Regular automatic virus updates: Mobile will be provided with the regular updates if any virus has been attacked by your device. So that you can scan and get rid of emerging threats.
  • Anti-Theft Phone Tracker: By using this feature, you can easily detect and track your mobile if it is lost. You can find the lost mobile by tracking it with the help of the antivirus software and can easily get your device.
  • Device lock: If in case your mobile is not in that usually remove the SIM card. But if you use the antivirus software and use the features which are known as a device locked that will protect your phone if anyone else replaces sim card. Then your phone when locked it safe to prevent them from making calls and accessing your Private data.

Antivirus For Android Download Free Best Antivirus App 2017

Download Antivirus For Mobile

Quick Heal Antivirus

S: NO  Name of the Antivirus Rating Download
1. AVG Antivirus 9.5/10 Avg For Android
2. Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus 9/10 Trend Micro For Android
3. CM Security 9/10 CM Security
4. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security 8/10 Sophos For Android
5. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus 8/10 Bitdefender For Android
6. McAfee Mobile Security 8/10 McAfee For Android
7. Norton Security and Antivirus 8/10 Norton For Android
8. AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus 7/10 Avast For Android
9. Quick Heal Antivirus 7/10 Quick Heal For Android
10. ESETMobile Security & Antivirus 7/10 ESET For Android
11. KasperskyInternet Security for Android 7/10 Kaspersky For Android
12. Dr. Web Security Space 7/10 Dr.Web For Android
13. Lookout 7/10 Lookout For Android
14. BullGuard Mobile Security and Antivirus 7/10 BullGuard For Android
15. AhnLab V3 Mobile Security 7/10 Ahnlab V3 For Android

How Antivirus Helps For Mobile

To protect your mobile from the virus, it is very much important to have a good antivirus software that will manage your mobile services. The software is available for any mobile operating devices like Android, IOS or Windows. It gives the complete protection to your mobile by safeguarding the anti-virus protection. With the regular updates, your mobile will be getting updated on a very regular basis. It will also give you warning about the unwanted threats or any existing Malware in your mobile. This is very much helpful in keeping your mobile secured and safe with all new and advanced features. The mobile will be more enhanced and can work much better when compared to that of mobiles which do not use any antivirus software.

How to Remove Virus With the Help of Antivirus 

If the software is once installed on your mobile device, then it is very easy to perform the scan and detect the virus. Show the step by step procedure is provided below which will help you in removing the virus with the help of antivirus software in mobiles.

STEP 1: Uninstall the malicious apps from Android

In the first step, you need to uninstall all the malicious apps from your mobile. For this you need to go to the settings and then click on apps are application manager. But you will find all the list of installed apps which include the molecules as well. So you need to uninstall all the molecular steps, and then you need to reset your mobile.

STEP 2: Scan your device with Mobile Antivirus

Download the antivirus software on your mobile device that best suits you. After the software is downloaded, you should click on install option, and then you should accept all the permissions which are required to install the antivirus software. When the software is completely installed, then you need to perform a system scan with the help of the antivirus by clicking on full scan button. This full scan will allow you to scan your device and then it will show you all the virus in it. By clicking on delete all button remove all your virus content in your mobile.

STEP 3: Clean-up the junk files from Android with Ccleaner

Do you need to download the CCleaner and then install it after the installation is completed then you need to perform a system scan with Ccleaner? And then you need to click on and analyze option. The scan will take few minutes, and then you need to click on the Clean button which will remove all the junk files in your mobile phone.

STEP 4: Reset your router to the factory settings

This is an optional step in which you can make some changes in your settings.

When you reset your router the following settings are changed:

  • Router username and password
  • Wi-Fi username and password
  • ISP username and password
  • Any port-forwards you have set up
  • Any firewall settings you have made
  • Any configuration changes that you have made to your router.


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